Am trying to get N2H2 - Secure Computing's CSP server to work with BM 3.8
SP4, IR2.

The Secure Computing CSP server and Admin Console are up and running.

The BM 3.8 server communicates properly with the CSP server - in NWADMIN,
BM ACL Rules admin screen, I can create a rule for URL's, then specify
Source = Any User, then select Destination - Third Party Filtering / N2H2
Content DB.

I see all the categories from the CSP server.

The Problem - I get Forbidden on everything, even plain old good sites. To
test I made it as simple as possible, with the N2H2 rule at the very top
the ACL's, and only the Pornography category checked. Can't get to Yahoo,
Google, MSNBC, CNN, ... - everything is forbidden. In N2H2, there's
virtually nothing to configure and their Tech Support said as long as
their CSP server is talking to the BM server, its not their problem and
all Adminstration is done in the BM server.

I'm evaluating this against Connectotel - Linkwall. When I change my Third
Party solution radio button back to Linkwall, everything works well, with
filtering controlled along ACL's by user.