A tricky issue;

Google defaults to a MODERATE safe search when searching images.
As we've dicovered, your going to get some "mature" pics if you search in
this manner.
The obvious thing to do is to set the browsers to STRICT SAFE SEARCH and
then implement 3 rules (per Craig Johnsons advice) at BM which block the
user from accessing the filter configuration.

This works fine, initially....
Unfortunatley, when the cookies are cleared in IE, the new cookie forces
the Google filter back to moderate safe search. How often does this
happen, you ask???, everytime a new student logs on (with DLU activated),
or anytime the browser forces an autoupdate.

The true fix to this problem is to run a string of code that forces all
searches out of Google to run in STRICT search mode. You would have to
append the following to the search string:


The question is, where in BorderManager would you enter this string.
Better still, can it even be done in Border Manager.

Blue Coat technologies makes a proxy appliance that does this and supports
command line rules to block many other image search engines in the same
manner, as does Squid proxy. The question is, can BM do it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Terry McFadden