I have noticed an issue with the 10.1 zcm agent. The original machines were imaged with Zen 6.5 long ago. We have since moved our imaging services to Windows Deployment Services. For our master machines we have been following the guidelines for including the agent into and image (deleting the GUID entry, Remote Management entry,etc. and running the ziswin utility to clear the image safe data out). When we were using agents this worked just fine, but since we started building the computers with 10.1 agents, they will no longer register and get an error -34 message when you try and register manually. I can get around this if I copy the guid from the registry and add it to the image safe data section. However, why can I not get the guids to match up on there own on the imaged machines no mater what I try.

1. run zac unr -f to force the machine to locally unregister
2. run zac cc to clear any cached info
3. run regedit and delete the guid key
4. run ziswin and clear the image safe data (always returns with the same guid as before it was cleared, not the one listed in the registry upon reboot).

Why can I not get the guids to match up on there own even when I manually clear the image safe data so that the computers will register as normal without having to manually edit the image safe data? Anyone else having this issue?