We are planning to migrate from ZAM 7 and Oracle 9 to ZAM 7.5 and Oracle 10.

Is there an easy way? We tried to setup a test environment, but found out that the "Host name" is not changeable and therefore no test can be performed! The testenvironment has Oracle 10 and ZAM 7.

We want to first test the migration to Oracle 10 and the upgrade to 7.5 before we attempt the actions in the production environment.

Is there a tool for ranaming the "Host name" in the database? In the Jpeg you see the status and "Host name" in the ZAM Manager (test environment). I did a apllication installation only and used the oracle 9 client to connect to the oracle 10 database. The database was created with an export out of 9 and an import into 10.