Hi, we have a need for Netware 6.5 license, everything is working ok and we juste need to add user access to our server/tree...

We're informed that we jute can buy OES2 license, so we buy 3000 licenses.

But surprise we cant add those license to our present server, we've been ask to upgrade to OES2. We're out of time to upgrade all 3 servers we have and, we realy need new license. We comunicate with an external it firm who charge us 25000$ to upgrade the servers.

At begening we were thinking about abandoning netware because of the exorbitant pricing, now the price is doubling, we realy think this is our last experience with novell and ask for a refund, if we cant add those license within our tree.

Thanx four your help.

Stphane Lamarche