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I have a netware 6.5sp5 server. After server have multiple abend, I only can hard boot the server. But it stays st "starting Dr Dos" and cannot load up Novell.

I used nw65sp7 cd to boot it up and it checked and fixed the disk errors. And I can now only boot from a MS Dos and run server.exe from C:/nwserver folder. Server is now up and running.

How can I fix the stay put at "starting Dr Dos" problem so that it can start Dr dos completely and get back to Novell?

I check C: drive there are *.chk files there. But I don't know what these files are.

If I reload nw6.5sp7 again from booting up in CDROM drive, will the installation upgrade my existing server and fix those problems?

Will the installation remove all server configurations? This is my DNS and DHCP servers.

What is the safe approach to correct this problem?

I wonder whether an upgrade can be done and fix this problem and that upgrade will not erase my configuration files / NDS database. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me a prompt response on my above questions.

Best Regards
Wai Chu