I'm using HP desktops with the Realtek 8111B/8111C Gigabit Ethernet
Conroller v2.15 that I'm having issues with. PXE boots, gets an IP,
Linux starts and basic (manual) imaging works fine. However, in
multicast sessions the PC locks up. I've seen similar issues with a
post from 1-29-2008 to 7-29-2008 - Help with Realtek... When it runs
in a auto multicast session, everything starts, and the pc screen
shows that it's waiting for the session to begin. However the PC has
no multicast ip addess shown, nor does it actually show that it has
joined the session with a client number. It just sits and the Zen
Imaging Server does not show that it has joined the session.

From that post it looked to be solved a while back. I've manually
updated the cmd files applied those updates, and now have also applied
the most recent patch released on 10-1-08 ZDM7SP1IR3a_HP1 with no
luck. All my other computers are working fine with imaging, it's only
the ones with the built in Realtek card that are at issue.

Any ideas? Thanks