Trying to install ZFD for 1st time and get following error:

Heap at VM Abort:
def new generation total 1152K, used 600K [0xacb50000, 0xacc80000, 0xacf00000)
eden space 1088K, 49% used [0xacb50000, 0xacbd7808, 0xacc60000)
from space 64K, 92% used [0xacc60000, 0xacc6ebb0, 0xacc70000)
to space 64K, 0% used [0xacc70000, 0xacc70000, 0xacc80000)
tenured generation total 15168K, used 14089K [0xacf00000, 0xaddd0000, 0xafb50000)
the space 15168K, 92% used [0xacf00000, 0xadcc26d8, 0xadcc2800, 0xaddd0000)
compacting perm gen total 4352K, used 4284K [0xafb50000, 0xaff90000, 0xb3b50000)
the space 4352K, 98% used [0xafb50000, 0xaff7f1a8, 0xaff7f200, 0xaff90000)

Local Time = Wed Oct 8 11:37:37 2008
Elapsed Time = 44
# The exception above was detected in native code outside the VM
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.2_05-b04 mixed mode)
# An error report file has been saved as hs_err_pid3748.log.
# Please refer to the file for further information.
./setup: line 58: 3748 Aborted ./install.bin $*
suselinux10:~/Downloads/ZFD #

Any ideas