Hi all, I'm wondering how to do the following (if at all possible) - I'd like to have any Workstations importing/registering to eDirectory automatically add themselves as Members of other Workstation Group objects depending on IP/subnet they register from. I already have all Workstations joining a Workstation Group object reflecting all defined Workstations within my OU, but I can't see any way of further customizing the auto-import.

For example, lets imagine I have a multi-level office building, with a different subnet representing each floor:

- Both Desktops A and B are currently added to an 'All_Workstations' group
- Desktop A, is registering with eDirectory from within subnet, so I want it automatically become a member of '1st_Floor' Workstation Group
- Desktop B, registers from within the subnet, so I want it becoming a member of '2nd_Floor' Workstation Group

Environment: Netware 6.5, eDir, ZDM SP1 R2 (I have IR3a to install soon)

Any insight is appreciated!