Running GW 7.0 SP3 on NW 6.5 SP 7. I have two DNS servers that are running
on NW 6.5 SP 7 as well.

I was having a weird issue where users were trying to e-mail a certain
domain ( and every once in awhile, they'll get a bounce back
from our GWIA saying 550 Host Unknown. It's intermittent. I tried to do a
nslookup on my server running the GWIA by doing the following:

set type=mx

The first time I did it, I got host unknown. I tried a few other
domains, same thing. I then tried it from my workstation and it works. So
I tried it on the server again and it returns results too. I let it sit
for a bit and I decided to try it again. Again, I got host unknown. Tried
it immediately afterwards and it resolves again.

It seems to be a DNS issue, but I'm not even sure where to start. Any

Thanks in advance.