We recently added a new Netware 6.5 server to replace an old one at a remote office. The office connects to HQ via a BorderManager site-to-site VPN.

Last Friday night, I moved the Groupwise 7.0.2HP Post Office to the new server. I used ConsoleOne to change the IP address of the POA.

Email is flowing to that location's PO.

The problem:

The users at that office that are using our Groupwise Mobile Server at HQ have not been able to sync since the remote Post Office was moved.
We are seeing a lot of these errors on the HQ email server:

12:25:35 D77 Error with GWEvent notification [8908]
12:26:15 D86 Error with GWEvent notification [8908]
12:26:55 189 Error with GWEvent notification [8908]

On the remote server's PO console, I see SOAP connections, but the LOGIN and LOGOUT are at the same time or within one second.

This is causing a great lag in the time it takes for an email to sync to a PDA.

As an experiment tonight, I downed the remote server's Post Office.

The [8908] errors are gone off of the HQ's PO and the GMS server is syncing all email received AFTER I took the remote PO offline immediately to the phones.

So, evidently, when moving the PO to a new server, I have screwed something up.

Does anyone have any ideas ?

Do I need to tell the GMS server the new IP of the remote server ? If so, where ?