I'ma gonna need a lot o cheese...

I haven't been around much around here, toooo busy at work to lurk
around in the forums much at all.

Things are not looking good for Novell right now. First and foremost, I'm
getting a new manager. The outgoing guy has a seriously sick wife, and is
having to retire now to make the best of the years they have. And yes,
he's been making ramen noodle jokes all week . The new guy is coming
from another department and we all know him. THis is good for the
transition since outgoing and incoming can do knowledge transfer.

Unfortunately, yesterday the President has announced a budget deficit of
unusual size. Since we're partly state funded, we knew we'd get some of it
but not quite this much. Happily, we look to be able to avoid layoffs
until the 2009-10 fiscal year.

But that puts even more downward pressure on costs. Most importantly to
me, when the servers currently running the NetWare cluster fall off of
maintenance next year they'll not be replaced with new servers; they'll be
replaced with servers rendered redundant thanks to the ESX push. So
they'll be replaced with hardware that is only 4 years old rather than 6
years old. Icky.

More ominously, this new manager is stairing in the face of a 'Visine'
project possibility. SharePoint has been rammed down our throats by the
Board of Trustees, backed up with a fist of cash and a command to "make it
so". SharePoint, like Novell Teaming And Conferencing, is the real future
of file-serving. If SharePoint gets any serious traction, it'll supplant
probably a third if not more of the file-serving we do from NetWare right
now. Since we use MS Office and Office integrates with both Exchange and
SharePoint, this whole mapped drive thingy is kinda... 1990's. We'll still
need some for things like Access databases, and geo-spatial software, but
for most users Office and IE is all they're in during the day.

It is my great fear that we have finally drunk enough Redmond Kool-Aid
that anything that doesn't do Microsoft is a liability. The only Novell
products we use right now are:

* NetWare, that file and print cluster I mentioned.
* SUSE Linux, on the ERP side of things.
* Smidgen of Zen for Desktops.

The new manager came from the Desktop side of the house, so 1) regularly
gets asks by end users in the field why we're still on Novell, 2) knows
darned well what'll happen if we lose Salvage. And 3) Is an avid Mac guy,
but knows reality when it bops him on the nose.

Right now I'm arguing to hold off on any 'get the red out' project until
we get money for new servers. The way things are looking right now,
that'll probably be 2011. In the mean time I hope I can get us converted
over to OES2-Linux, since that only requires retraining all the admins,
rather than our entire user-base like a move to Windows would.

Career wise, it's looking grim. I was really hoping for that NetWare to
OES2-Linux conversion project to finally get me a major Linux project
under my belt.

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