i got Zenworks 10.1
server 2003
an winXP clients.

i got many problems but most of them are solved.
now i put some computers in my environment,
to allocate them software bundles.
this works allright, i gave them some software bundles.
everything fine.

then i install Zenworks adaptive agent on another computer.

an there it is:
i got comp1
install zaa on comp5

now in zen10 comp1 becomes to comp5!!!
if i refresh the zaa on comp1
in zen the pc becomes again to comp5 =-O

the GUID and series nummber are the same...
and i got an error on the pc (wichever...)
on german and english

Die Systemeinstellungen aus dem Dienst https://IP-Adresse/zenworks-setting-lookup/ knnen nicht aktualisiert werden.

The Systemsettings of the service Dienst https://IP-Adress/zenworks-setting-lookup/ can't be refreshed...

could anybody help me???