Well, I think I've just about convinced my boss that Groupwise is the
way to go. Since I don't have any feature to feature matrix's to show
them I went the cheesy route. I'm showing them the Groupwise client
compared to Outlook. Seems to be working on a few of them. That and
the fact that Groupwise client is free. Not that it makes much of a
difference considering you get Outlook with Microsoft Office, but it
does make a selling point considering it can be installed on computers
that don't need Office and we won't be breaking any laws.

IMO (not that it counts for much): Novell really needs to step up
marketing. Yeah, yeah. Preaching to the choir. Having some real and
easy reading document comparing Groupwise to Outlook/Exchange would be
awesome. I don't want tech docs. I want documents designed for
management. The non IT management.