I am thinking just to re-image the PC's, and remove all local admin accounts...However that leaves me with a few questions/issues.

There will be no local admin account to deal with issues when I cannot get a network connection. I am thinking for our issues, not a big problem because if I cannot get a network connection it will either be a re-image or a mother board replace. If anyone might think of issues that will arise that I am not considering that would be great.

Second, if I decide that will be an issue, is there a Novell app, or 3rd party app that is designed for Novell/Windows XP environment that I can use to dynamically change the password on the Windows XP box's.

Best case scernio for me....Keep the local user account, and have the password randomize every day based on day/month whatever. I saw this done is a small program years ago and I know in our environemnt (School k-12 - Kids hack away with little suprevsion) it would give me the security I need.

Thoughts, etc would be greatly appricated