My company is in need of protecting our software engineer's desktops/laptops
(both Win XP & Linux, mostly SuSE). As we can't afford them to have
downtime, we're considering a CDP package that would allow quick recovery
of their systems & environment, however custom that may be. As you know,
everyone likes to tweak their machine to their own liking.

We're looking at Acronis True Image Echo Product Suite -- for both Windows &
Linux machines. Plus, we'll be getting Gig switches, a server, & a storage

My questions ...

If you're using the above suite, how do you like it? cost vs. benefit?
pros? cons?

Are there comparable commercial products? I've also been looking at
these ...

-- IBM Tivoli CDP.
-- Symantec Backup Exec with CDP ... this looks like it only does Windows
-- Atempo Live Backup 3.2 ... Win, Mac, & Linux


Are there comparable open source products?