I have had ZAM collecting information on over 7500 PC's for the past year, and am now implementing the Collection agent on some of our Mac's. However, I am having trouble with getting the Mac's to show any inventory on the inventory server. The Mac's OS version is 10.4.11.

I have enabled diagnostic mode and get the following in the log file:
Collection Client initialized
pid: 402 uid: 0 euid: 0
Client Version 7.50.0009 built Oct 10 2006 14:37:17
Options= First:0, Port:0, Online:0, syc:0, SN:0
running in normal mode
Changing to Idle Mode
sysinfo reports version:
client getting connection info.
raw hostname: test-macs-power-mac-g4-agp-graphics.local
conninfo - lang: 1, plat: 21, cfgid:
conninfo - cnam: test-macs-power-mac-g4-agp-graphics, uname: testmac, LANadd: (Mac###), sn:
conninfo - oid: F5225568-960A-11DD-B412-0030658De8f2
CreateListener: port=7461; inbox=/usr/local/zam/inboxcc
CWinsockMsgServer::SetLocalHostInfo() completed.
CCollectionServer::SetRemoteHostInfo: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 - #.#.#.# - 7460
ConnectForScanMode to #.#.#.# (#.#.#.#)(Zam Server IP)
29xID: LAN addr: (Mac address)
Connected to #.#.#.# (Zam Server IP)

Connected to server
initial connect state:1

I have verified that the Mac and the box are at least communicating using a traffic sniffer. Does anyone have any ideas where this may be failing? Or where else I can troubleshoot? Thanks