I oversee a high school network and we have seen a proliferation of proxy
sites appear on the web that allow students to bypass our filtering
(Linkwall by Connectotel with URLBlocklist). Linkwall has been fairly
effective, plus I scan the logs and then manually block many proxies by
adding them to a text file that Linkwall reads. Recently however, I have
seen many proxy sites (those produced by Circumventor by peacefire.org,
especially) that are using an https address to get around our filtering.
Doing a little research, I see that I cannnot control https traffic
through URL access rules in Bordermanager (3.7SP2 with plans to go to 3.8
this summer). The only option appears to be to put a list of sites into
a BM access rule for port 443 (or block 443 entirely, which doesn't
appear to be an option for me at this point). I am wondering if it is
somehow possible to produce an access rule that blocks port 443 traffic
for all of the sites that I have Linkwall blocking, either by using
Linkwall or by using the txt file lists of sites that Linkwall uses. Any
help or advice would be appreciated.

- Joshua Schoeneck
Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School