I have a SLES 10 SP 1 OES 2 server with OpenRADIUS installed on it. I have
OpenRADIUS working with LDAP authentication for my VPN.

Now I'm trying to get the same OpenRADIUS to work with my new wireless
system so that my users can login using their eDir credentials.

I was told to use MSCHAPV2 as the password won't be sent over the wire/air
and I can't seem to get myself authenticated. When I try, I get this error
in the log:

Thu Oct 9 15:28:04 2008 : Auth: rlm_ldap: Attribute "User-Password" is required for authentication.
Thu Oct 9 15:28:04 2008 : Auth: Login incorrect: [hcyuan] (from client Trapeze port 0)

I've tried added that attribute to my OpenRADIUS configuration
(radiusd.conf) by adding the following lines:

password_attribute = "nspmpassword"
password_radius_attribute = "User-Password"

but it still won't work. LDAP traces shows that it's finding my user and
returning the results.

Any ideas or suggestions on where else to look to troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance.