We are runing OES2 here with nss volumns. we run accpac from sage as our account software program. We are having some database locking issues, when someone has a file locked it seems to not unlock at times an when others try to open that file they get errors, we also get error 1705 also. Then some of our microsoft access database files have a locking issue when multiply people try to work with them. In the past when I had open suse setup with samba I had oplocks set that help with this issue. What can I do to fix this problem. I have been told that setting the accpac files to sharable might help. There are over 7000 files in the accpac system that would need to be set to sharable, in consoleone I can set them as sharable but have to do them one file at a time, is there a way to do the whole accpac directory at one time.


jack malone