hey there,

We are having issues beyond this with authentication and LDAP, but I want to know if this is all related.

Netware 6.5 sp7, edir 8.8sp3, BM3.8 sp5 (or whatever the latest one is) running proxy.cfg from Craig with some slight modifications. We are only doing proxy, and not transparent. Clntrust running on login script. clntrust dated 12/6/07

My users have the proxy set correctly and client trust loads just fine. However, when they attempt to use the internet, they are brought to a bordermanager login page. They are able to login most of the time. It brings them to this "auth-cup" listed on the bottom of the page.

On occasion, the users are told that their password is expired. It isn't. We look in C1 and iManager and both places say that their password is just fine. We get a pop-up on the server console stating that there is no URL for users to change their passwords (which is true mainly because I don't know what to do here). If our users press cancel they can get in just fine. If they press okay, it gets counted against their failed login attempts until they finally lock themselves out.

We are running universal password. I wanted to upgrade to 3.9 this summer but ran out of time, and patience waiting for the BM team to send me info on how to upgrade instead of starting from scratch. (promised at brainshare08)

Wondering if there is something I need to look at.