With reference to TID 7000769, "Understanding the Unlimited Licensing Model", I understand most of the description of what is necessary to do in order to install a new unlimited license into our tree. What I do not understand, however, is the last sentence:

"In order for the new license to be consumed, the server(s) will need to be rebooted."

All Servers?
We have 12 NW 6.5 servers, so if the answer is that all servers should be rebooted, I have two follow-up questions?
Is there somewhere I can "store" the present licenses (Server and User) in case their deletion and installation of the new unlimited license does not work?
Should I undertake this task only at some ungodly time when no one in her/his right mind is trying to get any work done; that is to say, for example at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night, then reboot the servers one at a time?
Finally, we just purchased 50 new OES User licenses, but I am told these are "paper-only" licenses used for auditing purposes only, so we do indeed need to get this new model installed as we have effectively "run out" of User licenses.
Whew, how I do go on...
Thank you in advance for any clarification.