The present flux in the stock market is distressing to many investors, yet
is providing an opportunity which may not be seen again for another decade
or more.

In my opinion, the stock market is tanking in part because of mutual fund
redemptions and margin calls. A panic cycle is created as prices decline,
frightening investors to sell, in turn causing the prices to decline. The
panic is producing bargains for those with cash and the stomach to buy in a
down market.

I would recommend looking for quality stocks which are paying a dividend
(sorry, NOVL). This might include stocks like General Electric (GE), Dow
Chemical (DOW), Cedar Fair (FUN), Pfizer (PFE), AT&T (T), Verizon (VZ),
Merck (MRK), Home Depot (HD), and Steel Dynamics (STLD). Even IBM (IBM) and
Proctor & Gamble (PG) are starting to look cheap.

My wealthiest client recommends Citigroup (C), but I am still wary of bank
and insurance stocks.

If you're buying, the online brokers are convenient and cheap. Scottrade
has a wonderful real-time display. They charge $7.00 for any size trade.
Zecco is the cheaper at $4.50 per trade, but offers 10 free trades per month
if you maintain $2,500 equity between stock values and cash. For October,
all trades are free, regardless of how much or how little value is in your

If you open a new account, please consider allowing someone (like me) to
refer you. For Scottrade, this gives each of us 7 free trades. For Zecco,
there is some kind of referral fee paid, which I will split with you 50-50.
It appears that they are presently offering $65.

For Scottrade, you can use Referral name ROBERT CARROLL, ReferALL code
ENBF5247 . For Zecco, I must send you a referral email, or they cannot
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-Bob Carroll