I tried... got kernel panic... opened SR#10428526151...

To be able to boot Linux when using LVM, /boot cannot be a Logical Volume (LV). The first disk partition usually contains /boot or sometimes root ("/"). LVM is used to manage one of the other partitions. LV's can be used for other mount points and even swap.

TID 3733516 "Consideration For New Installation Of Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition" has another restriction (rule 4): "/boot must exist on the / partition. Do not add a separate /boot partition." As a result of my SR, rule 5 was created: "Volume Managers like LVM and EVMS are not supported at this time because the /boot directory can not be in a separate partition as required per LVM and/or EVMS." however the reasoning is faulty. LVM does not require /boot to be in a "separate" partition but only that it not reside within the LVM partition. This is a small but critical distinction.

When my first partition is root ("/"), and /boot resides within root, it would appear that I am not violating any rules yet I still get a kernel panic on the first and subsequent reboots. The rule 4 would also appear to cover situations that didn't rely on LVM. I'm told these restrictions are due to the AutoYast script that manages the NOWS install.

What restrictions exist with respect to disk partitioning for a NOWS-SBE system?
Is it possible to use LVM without violating the partitioning rules?
Is there any way to circumvent these restrictions?

Thanks... Kevin