I'm not sure even how to ask the question to search in the KB, but I'm pretty sure that this must be possible.

I'd like to route inbound traffic pointed to <www.mydomain.com> so that it hits the public IP of the BM box, and then gets routed to another server's private IP *only* if the connection was linked from <www.mysecurepage.com>. Does that make any sense, and can anyone point me to a good TID?

In sum, I don't just want to NAT the other server's private IP to a public IP. We have a website hosted offsite, there is a secure portal on that site, and I'd like to make folks log into that site first, *before* they can hit the link to the server behind my BM box.

Otherwise, can I require authentication (eDirectory integrated...? I'd jump up and down with glee!) to get through the BM box to that private IP? Sort of a filter on NAT?

Way out of my depth here, but I bet it doesn't show...