I want to manage quota with either with Console One and iManager (Linux) on a OES 1 (SLES 9) server.
Actually I am not able to edit the volume object with Console On 1.3.6h (Windows or Linux version).
I get an "Unable to get attribute" error message after several minutes, and Console One hangs.

If I try with iManager 2.7.0 I get this message:

"File Protocol error occurred: cannot open the NSS version file on the selected server. The NSS software may not currently be running on this server.
I noticed that the daemon owcimomd will crash after any attempt to edit a volume object or quota.

I started owcimomd in debug mode and restarted the service. I get this error on /var/log/messages:

openwbem: nds_nss_GetPwdbyName(): invalid parameter - name is null or an empty string

Thanks in advance.