For the past couple of days I've been trying to configure NSM policies on a new NSM installation. I've run into many problems doing this so far:
1) I am able to create a policy using NSMAdmin, but unable to browse volume contents. I was able to get around this by setting the volume name and path using ConsoleOne, though.
2) Once the policy looked like it should be working, I noticed a number of errors on the event screen. Most notably, an error 35076 error when trying to access a volume.
3) As soon as this error occured, the nds daemon stopped responding on the server where the volume resides. Any attempt to restart it would result in almost immediate termination of the process again, but after a few minutes it would start normally again - before once more suddenly terminating.

It seems to me that actions done by NSM terminates ndsd on the Linux servers, so I've unloaded NSM to verify this. But has anyone else seen issues like this?

Some setup facts:
NSM server:
OS version: NetWare 6.5 SP 6
eDir version:
NSM version: Novell Storage Manager 2.0 SR3a

File server:
OS version: Open Enterprise Server 1
eDir version:

Ragnar Storstrm