Okay, I've only tried this with 10.0.3

First, for some strange reason, Novell has hard-coded the zenworksuninstall.exe to require that the windows XP Firewall service is on and running if you do a silent uninstall.

I have NO idea why, but if you're using a third party firewall, you're semi-hosed.

Ironically if you use add/remove programs then it doesn't seem to care if the Windows Firewall service is running or not.

That being said, here's a .bat file that I had to use:
The net start sharedaccess is required to start the Windows Firewall service (assuming you don't have a GPO blocking these type of things). Failure to start the windows firewall service will mean that the zenworksuninstall.exe will FAIL with a -c -q switches.

Again, have NO idea why Novell hard-coded it to behave that way.

The MsiExec switches are necessary to remove the CASA and Novell CASA Authentication Token Client. Your GUID numbers may be different than mine. The CASA Authentication Token Client GUID Is listed first. I'm not sure if it matters what order they're listed in.

Net Stop sharedaccess is required to turn the firewall service back OFF. (never a good idea to have two firewalls running at the same time in XP).

shutdown -r to reboot the machine for the changes to take effect.

I have a sneaking suspicion that 10.1 agent ALSO requires the Windows Firewall service to be running, as when I tried the same command: zenworksuninstall -c -q nothing happened (same thing that happens with 10.0.3)

If you just run the zenworksuninstall.exe without switches, it will seem to work, but you have to provide user intervention (same thing as if you had them go into add/remove programs).

@echo off
cd "C:\Program files\novell\zenworks\bin"
net start sharedaccess
zenworksuninstall.exe -c -q
MsiExec.exe /x{E016C7E1-AC80-4C90-9F8B-3EF16ABA2834} /qb!
MsiExec.exe /x{F5313E94-F17E-4AF6-8E46-6D97ECF4C370} /qb!
net stop sharedaccess
shutdown -r