I have seen many threads on this subject and I'm not having any luck trying
to get this to work.

We have an NDS group which provides BASIC internet access using BM 3.7 as a
one armed proxy. There is a rule which allows this group to have access to
specific web sites. So far, so good.

The problem is with access to https sites. Attempts to access them come up
with a 403 Forbidden error. I have read the posts that say https rules
don't work as well as TID 2950186 (from 1999) saying to establish a rule
providing port 443 access. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but this
hasn't worked for me either.

Is there a real answer out there for making this work without giving
unrestricted access to the internet? At the risk of sounding frustrated,
why does this have to be so difficult? Why not just fix the software so
that we can specify https URL rules?