I've just been charged with creating a password reset policy for my office that hasn't required a password reset in years. Currently we are using an extremely unsecured method of the IT department issuing the user name and password and saving that information to an encrypted spreadsheet on our department drive. Personally, I would like to let my users reset their own passwords but by giving up the IT controlled password we are losing our ability to be able to log in and work on someone's computer when they are not in the office. This is what brings me to my question, is there a way so that when I reset my user's network password that the local Windows password will reset as well without having to know the previous Windows password and telling it to use the network one? That way I can let my users reset their own passwords, reset them if my tech staff needs to work on the computer when the person is out of the office, then trigger the original user to reset it back the next time that they log in?