For the past week, I've had random instances on the network of people logging in and not getting their network drive mappings. I can see they are logged into the network, and if you watch the login the script appears to run but does not do the drive mappings. On any of these computers, if you try to use Tools, map a network drive, or right click the Red N and use Novell Map a network drive, you can't get any drive to map. Also noticed that when they log into the network, it will prompt them for their password for a drive mappings one by one. Putting in the correct password does not map the drive, so the password prompt comes up again until you just click on the NO button and indicate you do not wish to continue the connections. The only way I have been able to resolve this is to have the user shut down and power off the computer and wait about 30 seconds or so, power back on, and things seem to be fine when they next log in. They can't just logoff and log back on, and they can't just restart their system. They have to shut down. No rhyme or reason that I can think of. Happens on Wink 2k or Win XP SP2, all computers using NWClient 4.90sp2, server is Netware 6.5 sp5 OES.

Is this a problem in the eDirectory? Or a hardware problem, like the network switch? It's not at all consistent. I have only had it happen to me once, some people have had it a couple of times, mostly just once so far for the folks it's happened to.

Any ideas here?

Thanks in advance,