Hoping someone out there can help point me in the right direction with this. I'm new to zcm, (experience with zenworks for desktops however) and having an issue getting DLU policy to work. Environment here is ZCM server is 10.1 running on win2k3 server and the pc that i'm "testing" this on is windows xpsp2 running client 4.91 sp2. I can get the remote control policy working no problem however DLU does not seem to want to work at all. It prompts everytime for a windows login. (this machine / network was running zen for desktops prior to this and had DLU running perfectly under that. We upgraded to zcm, removed old zen agent as part of the process, and now just running zcm agent on the pc) I'm just curious if i'm missing an obvious step or not. My first question is, does the novell client have to be running SP4??? If so, then that's obv my prob, but didn't want to start changing the environment until i heard back from someone that has a more experience with ZCM than me. The LDAP functionality appears to be working as ZCM asked if i wanted to import the policies from my tree, and did see all my old eDirectory zen policies. I chose not to, as I figured I would start out clean with new policies. So i created the DLU policy and it says it's associated to the device, and if i look at the agent on the device, it shows it having both remote control and dlu policies associated, but like i said, i get prompted everytime for windows login. Just not sure if i should be looking on the pc side, or if i'm missing steps on zcm. Do i need to add all the eDirectory users under the "users" in zcm, or is that just for users who will be administrating ZCM? sorry for such a long post, just confused by this issue..

Thanks in advance..