We are looking to bring CIFS access to our production NW6.5 Sp7 cluster, however first I need to get this running in test.

I created a virtual resource in my test cluster and shared via NCP a new volume (DATA). I enabled CIFS on both of the nodes I want to test failover between. I then created a CIFS share (TEST) on the virtual NCP object for DATA:\TEST. I added the proper commands in the cluster load/unload scripts.

Here is the kicker, when this virtual resource is on cluster node 1, I see the TEST share under the \\SERVERNAME in windows explorer. However, when I fail it over to cluster node 2, I see the entire DATA volume (root directory) shared as well as TEST under \\SERVERNAME.

DATA(DATA:\) is not listed as shared in iManager > File Protocols > CIFS (NetWare) under the virtual NCP server object nor under either of the physical node NCP objects, so where is it picking up this information? I only want to share subdirectories of a volume no matter which node the resource lives on, not the entire volume.