Moving VOL1:\NDPS to SYS:\NDPS

We would like to migrate our printing boxes as virtual host using portlock. Basically what steps we should take to migrate VOL1:\NDPS to SYS:\NDPS. It is just a simple copy and overwrite the current SYS:\NDPS? or steps we need to follow and overwrite the existing NDPS on sys volume.

When we created our servers we made VOL1:\NDPS to be used for NDPS drivers for the broker and not SYS:\NDPS. The VOL1 :\NDPS is 90GB in size and we are only using 365MB!!Hence it's best if can move it to SYS:\NDPS

Will this affect our printing which currently holds around 60 printers or so if we make this change?

Do we need to shutdown the broker and manager?

Do we need to make changes elsewhere in the config or system itself ? or any TID to follow.

It just we can't shrink the VOL using portlock but can only increase!!