Now I'm lost
600 somthing addresses got wiped from my GW personal addressbook
when changing what to sync (I chose telephone instead of peronal
Now I ask if you have a clue why.

I have a backup from yesterday, but have never restored a addressbook
from a backup file.

Will take it up in the install/setup/admin forum.

But to have it not happen again - what can I do?

Is there perhaps something I don't understand in the process.
I had checked personal addressbook and telephone addressbook to sync
I hadden't checked the "unify" so I didn't get my phone contacts to GW
but now I have the phone contacts and unify checked so does it then
create a phone addressbook in GW ?

I little lost ;-(


Southern Finland
Linux Newbe - very new !
SLES10sp1 + OES2 + GW 7.x