I'm not sure if this is as a result of having the NW client installed or not, but we are having issues accessing DFS links from workstations with the NW client installed.

A brief background, we have two environments (we used to be two separate entities), an AD and eDirectory environment, with passwords synchronised between both environments.

From workstations (Win XP Pro, SP2) that are registered in the eDirectory tree (i.e. no in AD) with the NW client (4.91 SP3) installed, we can map to shares in AD without issues, however trying to connect to the same shares via their DFS links fails.

I'd assumed that, providing the username and passwords are the same, it would be possible to map to a DFS link, such as:

net use w: \\domain.local\dfsroot\mylink /user:domain\%USERNAME%

It takes a while but eventually there is an error that Windows cannot find "\\domain.local\dfsroot\mylink". I've tried using the NETBIOS domain name as well with no luck (i.e. \\domain\dfsroot\mylink).

I know it's possible to map to a DFS link when a workstation is not in a domain, provided a correct username/password is provided, so is it possible this is related to the NW client?

Appreciate any help, thanks.