Hello, I upgraded my Server 2003 ZCM 10.0.3 Server to ZCM 10.1 SP1. I ran the upgrade from the ZCM 10.1 SP1 DVD that I downloaded form Novell, everything went OK until the end of the upgrade, I got a couple of errors, I finished the Install, when I(ZCm install) wanted to restart the services, got a an error with the Zenworks update service that couldn't start. I rebooted the server a few times and same thing. When I got to the ZCM web cosole, i get a 500 tomcat error. So I thought maybe I should reinstall it right, so ran the update again and it says that I should have ZCm 10.0.3! what I had originally. So I am really stock now! :( Now I am at home for holidays so I can really get the exact errors until tomorrow. I was just wondering if anybody ran into a similar problem? never easy!

Thank you