Alrighty - here's what's going on. I cannot get authentication to work
properly - I keep getting denied...

The situation - I'm in the process of switching from an old server to a new
one. I built the new server exactly the same as the old - NW6.5 SP5, BM3.8
- SP4, both with surfcontrol.

I copied ALL the settings exactly from one server to the next (with the
exception of the IP address), this includes board settings, protocol
settings, bordermanager settings and access rules.

If I turn off authentication, it works just fine. Once I turn on
authentication, I get "403 Forbidden, Access deniend because you're not
logged in". When I check my access logs (common) - I can see the request
for the page, but I do not see a user name - that space is blank.

I have tried this with 7 different users - all with the same results (both
Forbidden and the log files). So, my guess is that for some reason, the
user name isn't being passed to the authentication routine and as a result,
BM doesn't think I'm logged in and is denying me.

I need help here - anything would be good.

Thanks folks, as always.