I am fairly new to ZCM so I have many many questions. I am version 10.1.1. I have been spending some time testing things on a few workstations and had a quick question. I want to uninstall different apps that were installed before the ZCM agent was installed on a machine. I am aware that uninstalling an app that was installed using ZCM is a piece of cake but I want to know if I am doing things correctly with apps that were installed before ZCM.

So what I am doing is creating a directive bundle to run msiexec.exe. I then go into the registry and find the Uninstall String for the app I want to install, add that to the command line switches of the msiexec.exe. I then want this to run lets say once per workstation.

1. Is running the msiexec.exe with the command switches the best way to uninstall an app? If not what are some other suggestions?

2. How do I set it up to run only once when a user logs on? I only see options for recurring, scheduled, or on event. On event I can tell it to run on user log, but does it run EVERY time a user logs in or only once? I dont want bundles to run all the time for workstations that do not need them.

Any suggestions would be helpful.