Using SLES 10 sp1 and Zen 7 sp1 I am trying to set up a simple multicast to image about 30 pcs. I can pull an image from the server ok but when I try to start a multicast session, the imaging server opens, closes and thinks it is happily done. I used the command:

/opt/novell/zenworks/preboot/bin/novell-zmgmcast -mcast aa -p /home/images.base01.zmg -i -c 3 -t 10

Running .../zimgmcast -status results in :

Update requests: 0
Images sent: 7 (Incremented by 1 over the last time I tried it.)
Images received: 0
Client Referrals: 0

Running .../zimgmcast -list returns:

There are no multicast sessions currently.

The debug log says:
[MPM] MCA failure -103
[MPM] no clients
[MBS] Session done, 11, 0

(sorry, the imaging server is isolated from the network and I can't copy and paste anything.)
Any idea what this failure is?