I have BorderManager 3.8 working on a proxy server utilizing Novell
Netware 6.5 Support Pack Revision 5. I recently received an error when
trying to update my access rules. It is a Restrict error; Unable to
update NDS attributes -614.

I have read TID# 10074727 and downloaded the bm3rmv3.exe file. I tried
to back up my Novel BorderManager Access Rules using TID# 10066764. I
followed the TID verbatim so as not to leave out a step in the backup
process, but it fails.

The point of failure is when I use "Ctrl C", or the copy button in
BorderManager Access Rules to copy to the clipboard. I use Clipbook View
just as the TID states, but nothing gets sent to the Clipbook. Also, it
won't paste to wordpad or notepad either. It just fails to work. I would
appreciate any input to help me backup my BorderManager Access Rules.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Network Administrator