I have a network with a single NW6.5 SP7 server as our internal DNS server. DHCP distributes this server IP address as the first DNS server and then we have two openDNS servers listed as the 2nd and 3rd server to use if the primary is not there.
Our windows clients (WinXP SP3) do not use the internal server (and thus can;t find our internal hosts). Doing an nslookup, I first get an
can't find server name for addresss x.x.x.x : non-existent domain
for our internal server and then it connects to the openDNS server.

I have checked that there is an IP address for the DNs server and that there is a PTR record for reverse lookup. Does the PTR record have to point to the same name as the server name in my domain? (IOW, can the PTR for the IP address point to dns01.mydomain instead of gmfs01.mydomain?)