Should a Zenworks created Workstation object have a networkAddress attribute in it's LDAP Schema? We are having troubles right now with our internet filter correctly identifying users - it is mistakenly associating a Workstation login for a user login and the only thing I can guess at this point is that the filter is listening for logins, seeing a login from the workstations IP address, and searching LDAP for the networkAddress attribute to associate with a user, but finding the Workstation instead of the user. Looking at the schema manager in ConsoleOne, the Workstation object class does not appear to use the networkAddress attribute, and that is the basis to my thoughts... I am using Softerra's LDAP browser to view the information (I can see it in ConsoleOne as well).
Not all logins are being identified as the workstation, as we are seeing logins being identified as users in the log file as well - just not consistently.
I built a test tree with Zen 7SP1 on it and an imported workstation does not have the networkAddress attribute. in the test tree, I am seeing the expected WMNetworkAddress as I expect, but not the networkAddress attribute.
Any thoughts on my little mystery? If the Workstation object is not supposed to have the networkAddress attribute, how do I get rid of it?
Thanks in advance for the advice!