Running a pure MS environment, Windows XP clients, Windows 2003R2
servers, ZCM10.1.1 (on windows).

I'm trying to do something very simple, after a baseimage is loaded on a
machine (winxpsp2) I do a local login and install ZCM agent and reboot,
now if I try to do a local login it takes a very long time since the
local username does not exist in the LDAP sources on ZCM and after a
while I will see the ZCMagent login window.

Trying to find some information about how to do an automatic local login
and no ZCMagent login but all the documentation and tids I can find
about this does not apply to ZCM! I have read lots of forum-posts about
this but have yet to see a solution.

How to do this is documented for Zfd4 up to Zfd7 but not ZCM. This is in
the deploymentstage and we do NOT need any kind of ZCM authentication at
this stage.

Of course this is all scripted and works just fine in Zenworks 7.

Any hints?