We are Using NW656 and DHCPSRVR 3.14.0

we have defined a subnet and in taht subnet we are using manuell ip adresses bound to mac address

in the subnet options there is the lease type PERMANENT default accessed

i checked the ip address manuell TAB USAGE there is PERMANENT accessed too.

if i change the SUBNET OPTIONS from permanent to timed, nothings ahppens on the clients, after reboot

if i change the USAGE for the client to timed, the client change the permanent setting to a timed setting after reboot

but now, how can i change the whole SUBNET from PERMANENT to TIMED, it is not possible to check all the ip adresses in the subnet and change from all the ipadresses the value USAGE from permanent to timed.

.................the problem we have is about windows xp sp3, while booting the client lost the ip address, while working the client lost the ip adress, while imaging and install the client lost the ip address, so the client os did not work good, its bad. so i change the one ipaddress from one new image cleint from permananent to timed, and all problems are lost...........bfghgvhfgdgued.....