We are planning a rolling cluster upgrade with simultaneously change the hardware.
Is there anybody who has experiances with that?

2-node-cluster NW 6.0 SP5, only Volume-Resources (SAN)

- migrate all resources to one node
- remove that node from cluster and remove ds (kill that server)
- install a new (and newly named) server wt NW 6.5 SP7 into the same tree (has another server what is eDirectory master wt v8.8 on NW 6.5SP7)
- install NWCS 1.8 on that server and put it to the running (one-node-) cluster
- migrate all resources to the new node und remove the second old node (and server from tree)
(is now running the resouce state 'upgrade' because of only NWCS1.8-servers running?)
- install the second new node as a new server (with new name) in the same tree and install NWCS 1.8 on it and bring it into the cluster

Will this plan work?