We've moved ahead to the second semester Stock Investing 102 class.

We will now attempt to get everyone on board by offering $46.00 in FREE
STOCK to everyone here.

First, my thanks to all who are opening online brokerage accounts with
Scottrade and Zecco. Yes, I will split the referral fee 50-50. For
Scottrade, use referALL code ENBF5247 . For Zecco, use this link:


Unlike the Scottrade and Zecco account referrals, I get absolutely nothing
from this offer. I'm just passing along a good promotional deal. You will
be opening an account with Sharebuilder.com, a division of ING. There are
several promotions available, but this appears to be the best one. Your
promotion code is 50GO28 .

1. Go to http://www.sharebuilder.com
2. Click at the top, where it says "Open an Account".
3. Choose "Individual Account".
4. Check the box indicating "I'm responding to a promotion", and enter the
Promotion Code "50GO28", and click Next.
5. Where it asks if you have another ShareBuilder Account, answer "No", then
complete the Personal and Contact Information.

Rather than go through each screen with you, let me explain what we are
trying to accomplish:

1. We are opening an individual ShareBuilder account.
2. We will open a free "Basic" account. Do NOT choose the default
selection, which incurs a monthly charge. If you want to upgrade to a
different plan, you can do so later. For now, let's stick to the free
3.We will link it to one of our bank accounts to initially put $50 of our
own money into the account.
4. We will put our $50 into the account by ACH as a "one-time transfer", as
opposed to a recurring transaction.
5. We will use the "sharebuilder" approach to buying stocks, which allows
you to purchase a dollar-value of stock, as opposed to a particular number
of shares. This is important for two reasons - First, we want to spend the
full $50, and second, because the commission for this type of purchase is
only $4, compared to $9.99 otherwise. Since we will be purchasing only a
few shares of stock, saving $6 will allow more money to be invested.
6. Sharebuilder accounts only buy stock this way once per week, on Tuesday
mornings. However, the account will let you hold fractional shares,
allowing you to fully invest the $50. $46 actually, after the $4
7. Select your stock. I highly recommend that you select a high-quality,
high-dividend stock, to maximize the benefit of this strategy. I will
provide a few ideas in a second post. Set your account to invest $50 in
this stock, and tell it to invest "when funds are available".
8. You will receive an email a day or so after your stock purchase executes,
telling you that you have completed the requirements of the promotion.
Sharebuilder will put $50 in your account in about 4 weeks.
9. Transfer the $50 cash balance back to your bank account via ACH. You now
have an account holding a few shares of a dividend-paying stock, for which
your net cost was zero.
10. The dividends paid quarterly by your stock will automatically be
reinvested in more shares of the same stock with no additional brokerage
fee. Thus, your account will grow over time.
11. You're welcome.
12. If you took my advice and opened an individual account, you can now go
back and open an account for your wife.
13. This promotion code is valid for custodial accounts as well, so you can
open an account for each of your children.
14. This promotional code will not last forever, and the stock market will
not stay depressed forever, as we saw yesterday. I wouldn't put this off,
unless you don't get paid until Friday. In that case, I would set the
account up now, and fund it when you have an extra $50. Remember, you will
get it back in a few weeks.

Yes, I have opened one myself, as have about 20 of my friends and relatives.
Any questions? Feel free to ask in this thread. As I stated previously, I
will list a few good, popular, decent dividend-paying stocks for those who
don't already have something in mind in a second post to this thread.

-Bob Carroll