I am having what appears to be much DNS issues trying to ad a Win2K3 server as a Domain Controller, with Netware 6.5sp6 as the PDC. I may be in the wrong forum... or I may be barking up the wrong tree. I need specific eDir Users to be able to use terminal services on the 2K3 server. I thought the route was to use NW656 as a PDC and then join the W2K3 server to the domain... but then only Local Users show up in the users/groups on the win2k machine. I am using dns/dhcp on NW656, and the complaint from adding the domain controller role to the w2k3 box, is dns src record. what i dont want to do is spend hours trying fruitlessly to make a 2k3 server a domain controller in a nw656 PDC domain, if it isnt possible to begin with.

I am trying, there is very little info out there on this subject!