We are running Zen 7 SP1 on a SLES 10 OES2 vm. It has worked fine for over a year now, but something has happened.

When I import workstations, I have a container called "Imported Workstations" that I put all new computers in. I then move them to the container I want them to be in. After a reboot (or two) they connect just fine. We have been doing method for years, even on the older Netware Zen server.

But recently, I had about 10 of 25 computers in a lab that lost their connection to their workstation object. Then they re-registered into the "imported workstations" container. I thought this was strange, but I just deleted the objects from the correct container, and moved them from "imported workstations" to where I wanted them. But when they rebooted, they could not find the workstation object and created another one right back in the imported workstations container.

I have tried doing a zwsreg -unreg that pulls them out of imported workstations, and zwsreg puts them back in just fine. When I move them and reboot, they cannot find their new object and they always create another new one in imported workstations.

For now, I have the work-around of setting the zen server to do all the importing to the container that I want the workstations to be in. I then unreg and reg each workstation and they are created in the correct container without having to move them.

Any clue why the workstations are losing the connection to their object?
And why do they register and unreg ok, but I cannot move them?

BTW, DSRepair comes up with zero errors.