I am running Border Manager 3.6 Sp2a on a Novell SBS 6.0 S5 server. Our
internet is being provided by 2 different ISP's through a dual Wan
router. I have serveral sites in my rules that allow/deny access to
certain web sites by way of their domain names. Since we have switched
to the dual wan setup, when Border Manager refreshes its access rules
sometime some of the domain names in the rules will fail and sometimes
all the domain names will fail. I have tried to place the IP adress of
the dual wan router in the INETCFG as well as the IP addresses of the
ISP'S also a combination of both and even tried pointing it towards the
DNS on our LAN. Nothing seems to work for me on this.

What should the DNS resolution be pointed to and should the IPs of the
ISPs be in the list?

Just wondering,